E-commerce SEO Case Study

Name: SEJ
Industry: E-commerce
Business Type: Online retail
Website: https://pksejonline.com/

Company Background

SEJ is a leading e-commerce retail store for household items and modest clothing. Established in 2019, this household brand offers high-quality products, from bed linens
to exquisite modest fashion and accessories. Currently, SEJ is a thriving business raking in multiple six-figure profits with up to 3000 daily visitors on the website.
Learn how Markhor Inc. helped SEJ become the most trusted home improvement and fashion brand in the digital space


When SEJ approached Markhor Inc., they dealt with low orders and zero brand awareness. Here are the challenges that SEJ was dealing with:
● SEJ had low organic search rankings and visibility in search engine results.
● Limited website traffic and low conversion rates.
● Ineffective e-commerce strategies, leading to stagnant growth.
● Lack of a comprehensive SEO strategy and optimization techniques.


To build brand awareness for SEJ, we devised the following goals for the client:
● Improve organic search rankings and increase website visibility.
● Drive targeted traffic to the client's e-commerce website.
● Enhance conversion rates and boost online sales.
● Provide e-commerce consultation and suggest effective strategies

How We Helped SEJ?

Markhor Inc. developed a customized approach to address SEJ's challenges and achieve the set goals:
● Thorough Website Audit:
We conducted a detailed analysis of the client's website to identify technical issues, keyword gaps, and opportunities for optimization. We found that SEJ's website had an unresponsive design and a slow-loading homepage, resulting in higher page abandonment.
● Keyword Research and Optimization:
One of the biggest obstacles to SEJ's growth was the selection of the wrong keywords.
Therefore, we researched extensively to identify relevant, high-traffic keywords for the client's products. We optimized on-page elements, including titles, meta descriptions, headings, and content, to improve keyword targeting.
● Content Strategy:
SEJ had zero brand awareness in its target market due to a lack of audience engagement. Therefore, we developed a solid content strategy to create informative
and engaging blog posts, product descriptions, and landing pages optimized for SEO and provide value to the target audience.
● Technical Optimization:
We implemented technical SEO best practices. The first order of business was to improve website speed to enhance user experience. We also fixed broken links, optimized the site structure, and created a mobile-friendly website.
● Link Building:
We implemented a strategic link-building campaign to improve the client's website authority and increase organic rankings.
● E-commerce Consultation:
We provided expert advice and recommendations on various e-commerce aspects, such as user experience, conversion rate optimization, product catalog management, and customer retention strategies


Our active strategies brought excellent results for SEJ. Here's the lowdown!
● Increased Organic Search Visibility
Within six months of implementing our SEO strategies, the client's website witnessed a significant improvement in search engine rankings, resulting in increased organic visibility.
● Improved Website Traffic
The targeted SEO efforts led to an 87% increase in website traffic, bringing more potential customers to the client's e-commerce store.
● Higher Conversion Rates
Through our e-commerce consultation and optimization strategies, the client experienced a 77% increase in conversion rates, resulting in more online sales and
revenue growth.
● Enhanced User Experience
By implementing our recommendations for user experience optimization, the client saw improvements in website engagement metrics and a significant reduction in bounce
● Long-term Growth
The client continues to experience sustainable growth in organic search rankings, website traffic, and online sales with our ongoing SEO efforts and e-commerce consultation.

Client Testimonial

"Markhor Inc. gave SEJ a 360 makeover — We're growing rapidly with their marketing
Farah Ali, CEO


Markhor Inc. successfully helped SEJ overcome its SEO and e-commerce challenges, resulting in improved organic search rankings, increased website traffic, higher conversion rates, and overall business growth. Our customized approach, comprehensive strategies, and e-commerce consultation expertise proved instrumental in achieving these outstanding results. If you want to improve your e-commerce business's online presence, boost organic search rankings, and enhance your e-commerce strategies, Markhor Inc. is here to help.
Contact us today to discuss how we can assist you in achieving your business goals

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