Top Signs Your Website Needs an SEO Audit In 2023

markhor|September 7, 2023

Are you an E-commerce site suffering from low organic traffic? Or a website in need of revamping your current SEO strategy? Whether you know it or not, you need a thorough technical SEO audit service. 

Your web pages and online stores represent E-commerce businesses, and it's a major concern if they face a drop in organic traffic and do not appear in search results. If you want to generate higher revenue from your business, you must seriously look into the on-site SEO gaps. 

Did you know? 68% of online prospects venture into E-commerce businesses through search engines like Google. Any issue that keeps your page from appearing in SERPs will keep your potential clients from getting to know you. SEO audit is the best way to organize your business site for increased search engine visibility and credibility.

To beat the online competition and earn good placement on SERPs, you must get an SEO audit from the experts. One of the best SEO audit services to reach out could be Markhor Inc., and you get your website assessed for loopholes and gaps. 

If you don’t think an SEO content audit is a good idea for a new start? Read on to learn the hidden signs if your website is screaming for a Technical SEO audit. 

Do You Understand SEO Audits for Business Sites?

A search Engine Optimization audit is a website's check-up. It is an assessment of your site's current SEO strategy. It is usually advised to run an SEO audit on websites before setting them up online or redesigning them. When you dive deep into a website’s performance on SERPs, revenue generation, lead generation, prospects bounce rate, and other details, you figure out areas to improve your strategy. 

A well-optimized business page copy gets you traffic that converts. Therefore services from an experienced SEO audit company can help you upscale your strategy.

Get a Search Engine Optimization Audit if Your Site Shows These Signs!

A website is a business’s digital asset that presents its product and gathers the clientele. To run a successful E-commerce business, recognize thin content with SEO content audit and update your site material for better crawlability and visibility.

How to know you need a change in your SEO strategy? Pages that benefit from SEO audit identify themselves from signs like;

  • Drop in Site Traffic
  • Nowhere to be Found on SERPs
  • Decline in the rank
  • Spike in bounce rate

If you face similar issues, You might be making these rookie mistakes in your current SEO strategy!

  • Bad Job at Web Page Optimization

A page fails to get organic search results and traffic if its content optimization is poorly done. Optimizing your meta descriptions, titles, and overall content helps search engine bots identify the nature of your website and show it in relevant search results. Reckless URL targeting and keyword stuffing are not a recipe for increased search engine visibility. 

However, you can get qualified traffic and make the most conversion by implementing best SEO practices.

  • Target relevant keyword
  • Optimize titles
  • Keep meta-descriptions distinct
  • Attach internal links 
  • Utilize URLs wisely 

Expert SEO audit companies like Markhor Inc. use these tricks and more to get optimum organic traffic for their clients.

  • Wrong Keyword Selection

An SEO audit via experts helps businesses identify any loophole in their keyword selection strategy. To improve your website’s organic traffic, you need to set your target right! You can use keyword specialists to figure out the following:

  • Relevant keywords
  • High-rank keywords  
  • Niche specific keyword

With correct keyword optimization, you can skip the drama of competing against sites topping the SERPs. Your site is likely to appear in the searches of your active prospects if it's easy to crawl for search engine bots.

  • Duplicate Titles and Metadata

Your site viewership can stoop low drastically if your content keeps getting lost in the sea of thin content sites. Your site content should be strongly optimized to top the SERPs, show up in search engines for relevant keywords, and have a canonical URL to get the OG page ranked. 

You should write unique meta descriptions for each blog and product page to achieve higher site traffic. This way, search engines will know how to categorize your content and which page to refer to for specific queries.

Search engines prefer original content! It would be a nightmare if your landing pages and blogs got excessively niche-specific or general for SERPs. The perfect SEO audit service will help your pages achieve good ranking in relevant search results by removing;

  • Copy-paste content
  • Overlapping meta descriptions
  • Unoptimized titles
  • Incorrect Internal Linking

Internal linking is an integral part of site architecture optimization. Linking internal relevant pages on your site helps both – the bots and the viewers to navigate the website. 

Optimizing your web content with relevant internal links can help you show up in relevant search results substantially. Also, internal links increase the credibility of a website, build users’ trust and impart a wholesome experience. 

The art of internal linking is connected to search engine ranking algorithms. If done without research, internal linking can get messed up. Markhor Inc. provides expert SEO audit services that increase site visits and media visibility.

  • Sluggish Site Loading

We’ve all come across those sites which take a lifetime to open. But did you wait for them to load fully? Hardly a few times!

You need an effective SEO content audit to improve user experience. All the optimization hustle to top SERPs will go to the bin if you bounce your prospect on the landing page. You can seek help from experienced SEO audit companies to speed up your website’s loading time across all devices. 

  • Not Keeping Up With Google’s Algorithms

Change in Google’s algorithm is something to always look out for! You should keep monitoring your site's performance using free search engine tools. If you see any indication of site structure revision or migration, you know you need an SEO content audit for your page.

A change in Google’s algorithm means you need to;

  • Recreate written content 
  • Generate strong backlinks
  • Update keyword optimization
  • Design crawlable URLs

An Experienced SEO audit company will study the algorithm for you and get your page’s ranking back up by pointing out SEO strategy mistakes in half the time! That’s why it’s always advisable to outsource your SEO woes to the experts.


Regularly monitor your website’s marketing strategy and SERP performance to maintain traffic and rank well amid the growing competition. Understanding the stats of SEO strategies and the right ways of hoarding online traffic needs a lot of analysis. Timely SEO audits are a proven way to fix SEO performance issues before things get out of hand.

Markhor Inc. doesn’t want you to lag behind competitors. Ensure your website's maximum visibility with a professional SEO audit. Book our services to top SERPS unhindered! 

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Top Signs Your Website Needs an SEO Audit In 2023
Top Signs Your Website Needs an SEO Audit In 2023
Top Signs Your Website Needs an SEO Audit In 2023
Top Signs Your Website Needs an SEO Audit In 2023

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